How Can Different Styles of Doormats Take Your Home Decor Game A Notch Up

September 19, 2019

A doormat, in most cases, is one of the first things that anyone who comes to your place tends to notice. It is definitely an effective way of making a great first impression and it also lets you jazz up the entrance of your house in many ways. Doormats are not just meant to be used for maintaining cleanliness at home but they can also add to the entire home decor theme. You’ll find doormats of different styles that are capable of enhancing the interior decor of...

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Keep Your Home Clean and Aesthetically Appealing with Colorful Doormats

June 03, 2019

A strict "shoes off" policy at home is probably your best bet for keeping dirt and contaminants at bay.Nonetheless, keeping up with this strict policy is easier said than done. A recent University of Arizona study found that: “93 percent shoes have fecal bacteria after only a month of wearing”. This makes doormats a crucial part of keeping home interiors clean and contaminant free. What’s more, adding the right doormats can be a great addition to the overall ae...

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