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Using a Cotton Rug to Compliment a Decorative Tile Floor

There’s no better feeling than sinking your toes into a soft bathroom rug. Adding the right choice rug in your bathroom does make all the difference in style, comfort, and practicality. Be sure to think about the size and color you want, because fortunately, these rugs are available in a variety of designs and colors, just perfect to complement a decorative tile floor. 

Consider the color you choose

If you have busy, decorative tile floors that you love, showcase them around the bathroom rugs. Pick a neutral color rug, for instance, Gray tones, just large enough for your needs, and allow the color tile to shine around the rugs. If you plan to tone down brightly colored tiles, a neutral rug can also soften the look of the room. A tile floor in a bathroom with little color or either neutral or monotone will require a colored rug to accent the room and bring it life. This can also be an ideal situation because practically, you can change the color palette of your bathroom simply by changing the bathroom rug color.

Match the bathroom wall color with the designs in the rug

A solid bathroom floor could take advantage of decorative rugs. Create a theme for your bathroom by matching its wall color to the designs in the rug. If that sounds confusing to you, perhaps match the color of the walls: use a brighter or softer shade of the wall or you could also use a color wheel to pick a complementing color for your bathroom rug.

Choose the best material for your bathroom rug

Pick a rug that is soft and quick to dry. Make sure it is easy to keep clean with a vacuum cleaner to remove hair, dust, and dirt. And not to forget comfort! One great way to improve a nice shower after a long day would be stepping out onto a lovely, soft cotton rug. It is also one of the most obvious and agreed-upon benefits of bathroom rugs. Even if you aren’t taking a shower, it is good to at least have an alternative to a cold, hard tile or laminate floor. Another good reason still, is that you will reduce the chances of post-bath slips.

You don’t have to think about spending a ton of money to make it look like you re-decorated your bathroom. While providing all the comfort you need, a soft cotton bathroom rug does a great job. Explore our collections and get top quality cotton rugs for your needs.

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