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Do You Even Need Mats at Home?

From the drapes to the wallpaper shades, your contemporary home houses a snug, welcoming aura. The furnishing over the plush carpet or the polished timber floor accentuates the internal decor further. But, aren’t you missing out on something? Maybe a contemporary home needs a unique entrance? Maybe restructuring the front porch would have a huge dent in the financial reservoir? The solution? A simple, effortless yet durable addition that seems trivial and yet has a major appeal to an outsider! We are talking about a custom doormat that mirrors the personality of your humble home!

Talk About First Impressions

What expectations do we keep from a doormat? Removing dust and dirt as we enter? Indeed, this keeps our home clean. But that’s not the sole purpose an entrance mat serves. There is a reason why doormats are now available in different styles, designs, materials, colors, and sizes. Take a funny quote and turn it into the house mantra! If custom coir mats are not your cup of tea, you can always switch to an eccentric accent rug right at the entrance.


Dealing with moisture and water is a risky business; you can never tell how slippery the floor could be until you’re on it, facing the ceiling above. The only thing that could avoid mishaps as such is a water-absorbent bath rug. Better grip preventing dangerous slips and a beautiful addition to the washroom entrance.


What’s the point of using mats in the kitchen? Yes! It may sound bizarre, but the kitchen decor could really use a custom printed sturdy coir mat. For all the times your mom panicked when you got the kitchen floor messy, you wished you could shove it under the mat. Fast forward to now, and the customized kitchen mat goes perfectly with the homely kitchen decor. And as for the kitchen floor messes, thank god our coir mats come packed with durable fibers.

If you’re reconsidering your home furnishing options, we have one last bit of advice for you.  If you find yourself bombarded with choices and you’re unsure of which one to choose, we’d say nothing screams suave better than our classic coir black & white welcome mat. After all, there’s something about monochromes that we just can’t get enough of.

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