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Which Welcome Mat Style is perfect for Your Home?

First impressions stick till the very end and if you’re all about good vibes in your humble home, nothing beats a welcome better than an upbeat welcome mat. Now that being said, contemporary homes are all about that delicate balance. Matching drapes with the wall tone, creating a contrast between your carpet and living room furniture- you know the drill! So, how exactly can we match the welcome mat mood with that of our home interiors? Let us help you with this home furnishing insight- 

Aesthetics Matter 

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind when buying welcome mats is the aesthetics of its presence. Sure some homes have a spectacular porch and others come with pretty white picket-fences, but the presence of a welcome mat right at the front entrance has a whole new level of aesthetics. Your choice of welcome mats is exactly how your guests will perceive your home and personality. For instance, dog parents out there can get a ‘wipe your paws’ mat for their front-porch. If you have a quirky sense of humor that people simply love, you can get a ‘friends welcome, but family by appointment only’ mat. 

Consider the Entrance Design 

If you’re serious dead serious about maintaining a certain decor, you can match your entrance door style with your welcome mats. We are talking faux red-brick archways and digitally-printed cobble-stone welcome mats. If you have a wooden haven, a jute welcome mat in beige with intricate designs imprinted on it does the job. If your home entrance portrays the perfect level of minimalism, a suave shag carpet in gray or ivory would be perfect. 

Keep Color in Mind 

Whites and ivories do look regal, we agree. However, if we’re looking at outdoor mats, subtle, sublime colors are no match to vibrant, popping ones. Scientists have associated moods with colors in the past and the study revealed how bright colors have a jovial tone that can alter a person’s mood. Imagine walking up the driveway to your main entrance, and an exuberant welcome mat greets you. 

Investing time in hand-picking a welcome mat is often a concept that raises eyebrows. However, if you reach down to an in-depth, aesthetic-appealing level, you’ll realize how a spectacular door mat adorning your front door is an absolute delight to encounter. 

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